Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rockaway Beach, A Great Home Beach!!

If I haven't said it already, get used to hearing it many times: I LOVE SURFING!! Surfing is a true Lifestyle, and I'm so happy that we can live in NYC and truly live the Surfing Life. Rockaway Beach is my home beach, everything I've learned about the ocean, I've learned in Rockaway Beach. I love Rockaway Beach. We are blessed to have Rockaway Beach as our home beach. Easy to reach from any borough by subway or car. Our water gets warm enough to surf in trunks for a good 3 months. If you're not a year round surfer, you can comfortably surf Rockaway from April till November. Rockaway and the East coast in general can be a difficult place to surf, however, when we do get a good day, it is worth it!! In general, when we travel, we are never dissapointed, as the waves where we are traveling to are usually a bit better quality!! Looking forward to sharing more and more through this blog!! Frankie Cullen


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